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You are the founder or co-founder of a SaaS and you want to take your results to the next level. The good news is that quite a few solutions are available. You just want to go even faster there is no miracle you will have to pay and as they say No Pay No Play.

So you will have to go to the piggy bank and that for certain is bad news. But be aware that paid marketing like Facebook Ads (which we will focus on), Linkedin Ads, Google Ads are super powerful lead generation channels. In addition to offering you high-performance targeting means, you also have the possibility of effectively managing your budget.

In this article, we will show you how you will be able to take advantage of one of these platforms, in this case, Facebook Ads, and receive a maximum of visitors and customers for your SaaS. You will no longer have any excuse for not starting.

How to create a Facebook campaign for your SAAS


To advertise, the Facebook interface is the most efficient, it’s a super powerful tool that can, can scare a lot of people at first, but believe us it’s worth it the candle if we do it right.

In the end with a little practice, Facebook Ads can become a breeze and the stake is more than justified.

Unlike Google Ads which offers more or less the same solutions, on Facebook Ads, you will be able to publish your offers from one on the Facebook platform but also on all the different brands of the platform such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, …


Find leads for SAAS


By effectively setting up your audiences, you will see that it will be easy for you to manage your campaigns while being profitable. Facebook remains today the best channel for quickly generating leads with the possibility with a little practice of forecasting the budget and its revenues.

How to advertise on Facebook to generate leads

Let’s get down to business and get our hands dirty. We are going to show you how to create an advertisement that will make you generate as many interesting contacts as possible for your business.

To fully understand how Facebook and Ads work, you have to understand its algorithm, but also how the platform retrieves all its data. In fact, we are no longer hiding it from you, Facebook holds a colossal number of data concerning you, us, in short concerning all its users.

example leads gen campaign

This will make it easy to get your message out to whoever you want. All you have to do is define your objectives and choose your targets.

Facebook offers 3 types of objectives depending on what you want to do, such as making your brand known and even getting in the way of more traffic on your landing page. It’s up to you to choose what suits you best:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Awareness is the time of the initial meeting where a person will discover your brand for the very first time, while the Consideration will allow bringing value to your image and to interest visitors.

Finally, Conversion is the last step where the objectives are to take action.

To give you a further explanation of the different options you have here is the list of all the objectives that the Facebook platform offers.


Different Facebook Ad Objectives


  • Brand awareness: Make your brand known to people other than your existing customers.
  • Reach: Here the goal is to distribute your advertising to as many people as possible.
  • Traffic: Direct a maximum of visitors to a specific page (product, landing page, etc.).
  • Engagement: Here with this option you allow an audience to interact with your content or your ad, like having more likes on your Facebook Page.
  • App installs: If you launch a mobile app this solution is what you need
  • Video views: Allow a selected audience to see your videos
  • Lead generation: In order to get new potential customers in your lists (the one that interests us the most here)
  • Messages: get people to leave information or contact you on Facebook Messenger
  • Conversions: If you want to make maximum sales or have a lot of interaction, this is the goal for you.
  • Catalog sales: connect all your product catalog and your audience, ideal if you have e-commerce.
  • Store traffic: Finally if you have a physical store use this function to have more visitors

As you can see, Facebook ads gives you a lot of flexibility in your campaigns, once again it is up to you to determine your objectives and to respect your conversion tunnel. Also, remember to determine a daily budget or period budget to limit your expenses.

How To Advertise With Facebook Using Audiences

The better you define your audiences, the better your results will ultimately be. You are free to create several types of audiences in your Ads set to compare your results. Do not limit yourself to a single Ad Set as you will not take advantage of the power of the Facebook algorithm.

It will be important for you to think carefully about the ideal target of your B2B prospects, will broadcast your ad to your fans or former customers, to the inhabitants of your cities.


eads gen SAAS marketing
Facebook just after Linkedin for lead generation B2B

Ads Manager, the interface for managing your campaigns, also offers you incredible options that allow you to target broader people who could possibly resemble the profiles of your target customers like Lookalike and Audience Insight.

Placing your ad on Facebook

For the dissemination of your ads whether it is an image or a video for more impact, Facebook Ads Manager offers you two possibilities:

  • Automatic placement: Here Facebook will automatically mount your ads across all of its broadcasting platforms, be it Instagram or even Messenger.

Facebook will do the work for you, but be careful if you really need to. Let’s say your target never uses Instagram so it’s a shame to use this medium.

  • Change placements: The other option available to you is the manual setting here you have a hand on all platforms for the distribution of your ads.

This can help you avoid unnecessary expenses as you will be selecting the best locations for all of your ads.

SAAS lead generation with Facebook


It’s up to you to understand what works and what doesn’t. Nothing prevents you from creating several variations in your campaigns in order to have a broader vision and to target broad especially at the beginning.

Thereafter you will need to reduce your target to focus on what works by investing more why not since you know that your Conversion Rate is profitable.

Create photos and images for your campaign


In jargon, we call it creative and ad copy but call it what you want. Here you will have to be imaginative because that’s what your audience, the people you’ll target, will ultimately see.

Among the broadcast formats offered by Facebook, you will have:

  • Carousel: These are videos or images that you can scroll from left to right. Not bad if you have multiple products.
    Single image or Video: Here you broadcast a single image at a time where a video but nothing prevents you from creating a slideshow.
  • Collection: With this format, Facebook offers you the possibility of offering a set of visual products. When the visitor clicks a single image opens. Interesting if you have an e-commerce store.
    Getting the most out of your lead generation campaigns

Once your campaigns are over, you will need to make sure that your performance and your KPIs are up to your expectations. we will not go into detail in optimizing your expenses but we will give you some ideas.

We all agree that for you what matters is generating more income than spending what is very logical, but how to achieve it.

As we told you earlier in the article, you will need to create several variations of Ad set or your A / B Tests by playing with the audiences and placements of your ads.

Also, it is important to know that Facebook will deliver better results over time, so do not expect to have a phenomenal performance at the start. By cons after a few days, the platform will deliver more interesting traffic on your ads and you can start generating leads at good prices.

Give your Facebook campaigns time to be properly broadcasted

So plan a budget for advertising and do not be surprised if you spend without it especially brings you at the beginning which is a bit normal.

However, once your campaigns are launched, make sure after a few days of your performance to eliminate Ad sets that do not convert enough to allocate your budget to those who convert.

Best way to find SAAS leads

If you’re not comfortable with managing your Facebook campaigns, let the experts do the work for you and they will deliver you better results.

Hubstyk, for example, is a SAAS b2b lead generation agency helping you manage your marketing campaign and guaranteeing predictable results. If you do it wrong and it often happens, you may pay your contacts far too expensive, which will not make your prospecting profitable. What we ultimately want is to succeed in paying as little as possible the leads that we will receive.





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